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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hotel murah for cewe bspk

Ready to escape to your weekend getaway or annual vacation? If you want to book some of the best hotel room deals by naming your own price, savings are only a click away. Note on Priceline, you will not choose your hotel: one will be matched to you based on your specifications. This leads to greater savings.

1. Go to the Priceline website and select "Hotels" from the top sidebar. Click on "Deeper Discounts - Name Your Own Price" inside the blue box containing hotel information.

2. Enter the name of your destination, followed by the dates for check-in and check-out. Select the number of hotel rooms required for your trip. Click "Next".

3. Select the areas of your destination you would like to stay--based on the specific options offered to you by the site--by clicking the "Select" box in that listing. Choose more than one area to improve your chances of your price request being met.

4. Choose the hotel star level you prefer. Some areas of your destination may not have higher star levels available.

5. Determine what you would be willing to spend per night and enter that denomination in the box. Continue down the page and provide the name of the individual making the reservation. Click "Next."

6. Review your request completely, checking dates, hotel locations and hotel rates carefully. Read through all important information, entering your initials at the bottom of the page indicating you have read, accept and agree to abide by's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Click "Next."

7. Enter all payment information. Click "Book My Hotel Room Now."

8. Wait while Priceline considers your request with its hotel partners. You will be notified whether or not your price has been accepted.

9. View your hotel reservation information if your price was accepted. If not, you will be prompted to increase your price or expand the number of areas you would stay at your destination to increase your chances for finding a deal.