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Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Hotels by interests

While concentrating on the choice of the hotel in Paris it is worth thinking about, but what exactly are you going to do in this awesome city. So, if you just want to get from the airport to the downtown, spend the night here and early in the morning go further to somewhere else, it is best to choose a hotel closer to the desired station. If you fly away in the early morning, we strongly recommend you find a free hotel room in one of the many hotels at the airport: first, it usually even cheaper than in the city, and secondly, the RER train from the airport of Charles de Gaulle mostly gives you chances no miss your flight- either itdoes not go because of repair, due to the accidents or due to the strike of employees, and if you leave the city before the flight, there is a high probability of being late. If you plan to basically walk through Paris on foot, plenty of comfortable hotels with optimal price and rooms can be found in 5 and 6 parts in the district of Saint-Germain.

So if you find a hotel there, and all of the major attractions, hotel, shops and restaurants downtown Paris will within walking distance, you’ll save on transportation. In addition to live at Saint-Germain hotel is cheaper than in the heart – in 1 and 2 distrincts.But note that in the north of this area is the bustling tourist Latin Quarter – one of the few places in Paris, where the night life is missing, because those who are accustomed to sleep in peace.Well, I would choose a quieter hotel place, in the south of this zone, close to the Luxembourg Gardens and the Rue des Ecoles.

Choosing a hotel in Paris is a very difficult task. Expensive hotel can often be in deprived areas, or by paying a lot of money, you will find yourself in a place which is facing a poor and dirty districts.

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