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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Choosing The Right Hotel

After establishing the price range wished to spend on lodging, the traveler needs to narrow hotel choices. This is your opportunity to get the amenities that you want or to have the level of lodging preferred. Hotels run the gamut from very basic economy style rooms to luxurious suites. Know what you want and research a little before you book.
Consult travel guides, tour books, or brochures to ensure that the hotel you choose offers what you want. Whether it’s an indoor swimming pool, onsite restaurant, in house laundry, Internet connections, or a gym, make sure the hotel you consider has what you need.
Visit the website of the individual hotel if one exists. Look at photographs and read text about the guest services on site. Remember that photos of a property are designed to provide the best view.
Read reviews. provides a collection of candid reviews of many hotels. So do Expedia and Travelocity. Read reviews of the hotel you plan to stay in and find out now if others have been satisfied. Such reviews offer the opportunity to hear firsthand about issues such as dirty rooms, pest infestations, or shoddy services.
Call the Tourist Bureau or Chamber of Commerce in the city where you’ll be staying and ask them to recommend a good hotel. In most cases, locals will be honest and point you toward one of the better hotels.

Learn to compare prices and to research a property before you make reservations. Save yourself the hassle of an unpleasant hotel stay by doing your homework first.

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