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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Book hotel murah boleh aja

When you are all set to go for a vacation with your friends and family, one thing which always becomes a headache is booking a hotel room. Everyone wants to book hotel rooms well in advance so as to save from chaos after reaching your perfect destination. If you already know someone at the place you are visiting, it will be great to get the advice for the hotel according to your choice. But if you do not know anyone at that place then the only option left is to search on web for the available hotels.

Tips for choosing a Hotel

It is not so easy and convenient to book hotels over the web as you do not know how the actual room will look like; as you will be shown just couple of photos of the rooms. But when you reach there, you might get surprised with the room you finally checked-in. So, it is advisable not to book hotel rooms in advance if you do not know about that hotel. Earlier this year, I made the similar mistake of booking the hotel room in advance by just looking at the photographs in Udaipur city of Rajasthan. But when I checked-in, I found that the room given to me was of lower grade than what I originally booked.
So first tip while choosing a hotel is that do not rely on photographs shown on the internet. Choosing a hotel room must be based on your personal preferences and the kind of vacations you are planning. Prior to choosing a hotel room, certain things should be considered and kept in mind.

Tourist Place

Suppose you are visiting a place which has lots of tourist attractions, then obviously you will be spending most of your time visiting such places and will be back to hotel by late evening, and probably after having your dinner. So, it makes sense to opt for a budget hotel which is not very expensive. Choose a hotel which is not very luxurious, but good enough to stay with family.

Leisure Holidays

If you are visiting some place to relax with your family and want to spend some quality time in a peaceful manner, then it is always better to opt for a family resort. Staying in a resort helps you to have a peaceful time with your loved ones in an enjoyable way. You can also opt for staying in a hotel resort while visiting any adventurous place or a beach where you are not going to spend a lot of time outside.

Hotel for Honeymoon

If you are going for your honeymoon, it is better to opt for a decent hotel which has good staff and great room service, as you will try to spend enough time inside the hotel. Hotel does not need to be of a 5 star category, but make sure to book a hotel with spacious room and good interiors to set your mood on forever. You may even opt to stay in a big resort having lot of greenery and lawns. For Honeymoon, it would be better if you will book a package with reputed travel agent as it will save your time to search best hotels for your memorable honeymoon.
You should book 5 star category luxurious hotels only if you are traveling for some business purpose and require meeting several clients. There is no point in booking luxurious hotels if you are not going to spend much time inside. So remember these little tips while booking a hotel room and save money.

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