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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Artis Tajir Bispak

Artis Tajir Bispak Chronology of Integrated Care (ICP): The flow of integrated care (ICP) is a plan of anticipated clinical practice for groups of clients with a diagnosis or a particular set of symptoms (ie pain cardiac arrest and / or suspected myocardial infarction).

ICP gives the composition of a multidisciplinary care plan for each client achieve the desired goal. The team and multidisciplinary working. In simple terms, the document is a matrix that puts ICP interventions (task) on one axis and time (hours, days, and weeks) and / or foundation (special healing phase) for other data. The basic principle of ICP is to explain the most appropriate care for client groups, based on available evidence and consensus best practices. The objective of ICP is to ensure evidence-based care provided to individual patients the right, on time and the right environment, thus helping to reduce variation in treatment and outcomes that are not necessary. Evidence-based practice. A number of elements to form models of care ICP, which is described as: a. Client group. b. The field of nursing. c. Multidisciplinary collaboration. d. Proper treatment and ongoing. e. Focus on patient care. f. Note single treatment. g. Analysis of variation.

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