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Friday, April 1, 2011

swimwear girls bikini mens The Man with One Red Shoe

bikini mens The Man with One Red Shoe

In this hilarious undercover comedy, violinist Richard Drew (Hanks) is mistaken for a spy after wearing one red shoe and triggers a game of rivalry between two feuding CIA bosses (Charles Durning, Dabney Coleman). Though Richard is mugged, shot at and chased, he remains unaware that he is an object of suspicion and even falls in love with the agent (Lori Singer) who\'s trailing him. Meanwhile, his friend\'s (Jim Belushi) love-starved wife (Carrie Fisher) has designs on him as well.Adapted from a popular French comedy-thriller, The Man with One Red Shoe follows a concert violinist (Tom Hanks) used as a patsy in a conflict between two rival factions of the CIA. Singled out at the airport solely because he\'s wearing mismatched shoes, Hanks is henceforth believed to be a mole with im portant information; a rogue crew of agents follows him, searches his apartment, and even seduces him in order to find out what he knows. At the same time, loyal agents--who also believe he\'s a mole--follow and protect him from predation by the rogues. Lori Singer plays a beautiful blonde spy with a conscience and an astonishing backless dress; Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, and Edward Herrmann are agents trying to second-guess each other; Jim Belushi plays Hanks\'s best friend, a jealous percussionist, and Carrie Fisher plays Belushi\'s wife, a flautist who\'s infatuated with Hanks and wants him to make some jungle love. Hanks plays it straight and is reliably pleasant. In the hands of Hitchcock, this might have generated some real suspense; as it is, it\'s amusing with some good twists, some weak gags, and one remarkable bicycle stunt. --Bret Fetzer

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