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Saturday, April 2, 2011

plus sized tops web page designers Web Designer\'s Reference

web page designers Web Designer\'s Reference

Most web design books concentrate on a single technology or piece of software,leaving the designer to figure out how to put all the pieces together. This book is different. Web Designer’s Reference provides a truly integrated approach to web design. Each of the dozen chapters covers a specific aspect of creating a web page, such as working with typography, adding images, creating navigation, and crafting CSS layouts. In each case, relevant XHTML elements are explored along with associated CSS, and visual design ideas are discussed. Several practical examples are provided, which you can use to further your understanding of each subject. This highly modular and integrated approach means that you learn about technologies in context, at the appropriate time and, upon working through each chapter, you craft a number of web page elements that you can use on countless sites in the future. This book is ideal for those making their first moves into standards-based web design, experienced designers who want to learn about modern design techniques and move toward creating CSS layouts, graphic designers who want to discover how to lay out their designs, and veteran web designers who want a concise reference guide. The book’s advocacy of web standards, usability, and accessibility with a strong eye toward visual design means it’s of use to technologists and designers alike, enabling everyone to build better websites. And for those moments when a particular tag or property value slips your mind, the book provides a comprehensive reference guide that includes important and relevant XHTML elements and attributes, XHTML entities, web colors, and CSS 2.1 properties and values. With this book: *Use XHTML elements effectively and efficiently to create lean, standardscompliant, highly compatible web pages *Style web pages with CSS *Create effective page layouts, highly flexible navigation areas, great online typography, and more *Learn how to balance quality contemporary design with future-proof web standards *Use the essential reference guides to remind yourself about XHTML elements, CSS properties, and their associated attributes and values

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