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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artis Tajir Hot

Artis Tajir Hot Learning Role: Awareness about the social impact of the role of making young people to consider the roles that viewed from the perspective of social role. Social customs of the peer group has a major influence on teenagers, often lead to fad and typical behavior on one particular group. Those who do not fit with the social customs are removed from the group.

As a preparation for marriage, social relationships become more intimate and often change from group interaction into a relationship with one individual. Leisure interests are in the range of interest in the peer group are similar to the groups that include both types. Assessment questions can include: - fad or what kind of social behavior that imitated the teen's peer group?. - Social relations what the teenager? With other people the same sex? With members of the opposite sex?. - Are the majority of relationship with a member of the opposite sex, with peer group, or with members of the same sex?. - How to spend his spare time? Hobbies whether owned teenager?. Nursing Diagnosis prosperous in this field include: - Develop a long-term relationship potential. - Develop peer relationships with the opposite-sex. - Increase personal interests and hobbies

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