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Friday, April 22, 2011

Artis Tajir Bohay

Artis Tajir Bohay Mucus is thick and bronchi enlargement will obstruct the airway especially during expiration. Subsequent airway collapses and air trapped in the distal part of the lung. This obstruction causes a decrease in alveolar ventilation, hypoxia, and acidosis. Patients experiencing shortages 02, iaringan and ventilation perfusion ratio abnormalities arise, where a decline in PO2 Damage ventilation can also increase the value of PCO, so that patient visible cyanosis. As compensation of hypoxemia, there was polycythemia (excessive erythrocyte production.)

When the disease worsens, often found in the production of black sputum, usually due to pulmonary infection. During infection, the patients experienced reduction in FEV with the increase in RV and FRC. If the problem is not addressed, hypoxemia will occur which ultimately cast menuiu pulmonary disease and CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). Clinical manifestations: (a). General appearance: tend to overweight, cyanosis due to the influence of secondary polycythemia, edema (CHF due to do an), and barrel chest. (b). Age: 45-65 years old. (c). Assessment: 1. Persistent cough, sputum production such as coffee, dispnca in some circumstances, the variables at the time of expiratory wheezing, and frequent infection of the respiratory system. 2. Symptoms usually occur in a long time. (d). Heart: enlarged heart, pulmonary cast, and hematocrit> 60%. (e). Positive smoking history (+). Medical Management: The main treatment is aimed at preventing, controlling infection, and improve bronchial drainage becomes clear. Treatments are as follows: (a). Antimicrobial. (b). Postural drainage. (c). Bronchodilator. (d). Aerosolized Nebulizer. (e). Surgical Intervention.

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