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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Artis Artis Nakal Hot Asia

Artis Artis Nakal Hot Asia Examples of nursing diagnosis related to teenage welfare, namely: (a). Start a sense of personal identity. (b).  Increasing interest in opposite sex. (c). Combining the secondary sex changes in body image. (d). Starting the formulation of objectives occupational. (e). Start a separation from family authority.

Cognitive Development. Adolescents can think abstractly. Thinking became more flexible (not rigid) and adaptable (adjustable). As a result, teens can draw conclusions from observations, making hypotheses, and test it. Piaget (1975) call it a stage of formal operations. Assessment questions may include: (a). How flexible teen? Can is seeing other people's views?. (b). Achieving whether teens who have obtained at school?. (c). Can teens handle abstract concepts? (d). How accurate teens when making conclusions?.Prosperous nursing diagnoses associated with this stage may include: (a). Improving the consideration of other people's opinions.
(b). Improving the ability for abstract thought.

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