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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Artis Artis Bu,gil Asia

Artis Artis Bu,gil Asia Prosperous Nursing Diagnosis for Teens Although nurses working with adolescent children in order of acute services, they also have the opportunity to care for healthy adolescents. For example, healthy adolescent nursing care in family planning clinics, school environment, and adolescent clinics. Therefore, there is need for peace to guide nursing diagnosis care that focuses on strengths rather than prevention of adolescent clients of potential problems when, if in fact, never existed.

Strength Assessment: Field general assessment of psychosocial development, cognitive, and learning the role used in this chapter. Examples of nursing diagnoses will be prosperous, despite all the critical behaviors associated with a variety of development tasks not specified. As in other chapters, nursing diagnoses are shown here dealing with the first part of diagnosis (client response). The second part of the diagnosis (condition) depends on the contribution factor to be identified in the client's specific situation. Psychosocial Development In psychoanalytic terms, the genital phase occurs during adolescence and is the main source of sexual tension. Power is focused on relationships with friends old and new. Experience with this relationship gives preparation for marriage. Sense of identity (Erikson, 1963) must be developed. Adolescence is a transition that involves changes in physical and biological reality.

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