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Friday, March 4, 2011

one piece Tim Roth Deceiver

Tim Roth Deceiver

Tim Roth (Planet of the Apes) and Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones\'s Diary) star in this riveting psychological thriller with shocking twists, \"sharp dialogue and a cynical intelligence\" (Chicago Tribune). Also starring Chris Penn, Michael Rooker, Ellen Burstyn and Rosanna Arquette and charged with unbridled suspense and powerful performances, this \"absorbingly crafty murder mystery\" (Entertainment Weekly) delves into the murky depths of truth and deception and delivers a stunning final scene that will jolt your spine with chills! James Wayland (Roth) is nota typical murder suspect: he\'s fabulously wealthy, a Princeton graduate and has a genius-level I.Q.But Detectives Braxton (Chris Penn) and Kennesaw (Michael Rooker) sense that there\'s more than meets the eye when they interrogate him for the brutal killing of a beautiful call girl (Zellweger). As their search for the truth takes a suddenly dangerous turn, Braxton and Kennesaw realize that Wayland is a master manipulator, cleverly using their darkest secrets against them in a lethal, winner-take-all game that ignites a powder keg of deadly motives and shocking revelations.Interrogations, mind games, and murder: Jonas and Josh Pate’s post-modern thriller may be the bastard child of Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects, but this devious offspring charts its own unpredictable course. Tim Roth dominates the film as the epileptic, absinthe-drinking, genius murder suspect who plays the lie detector like a violin and turns the tables on the cops (dim bulb Chris Penn and simmering veteran Michael Rooker) by stirring up their secrets, and they’ve got some doozies. The twisty little mystery is too clever for its own good, and the Pates neglect to stitch together the loose threads (like what exactly Ellen Burstyn’s raspy bookie is doing in all this), but they have a great eye and style to spare. The chilly stare and cool disposition of Roth’s borderline psychotic makes this battle of wits a game well worth watching. --Sean Axmaker

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