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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hollywood show latest wallpapers riot!

latest wallpapers riot!

ALBUM OVERVIEW: Fueled By Ramen presents a limited-edition Music Video Interactive (MVI) version of Paramore’s wildly successful sophomore album Riot! This special edition features the full audio album and also gives their fans the chance to really connect with the band. The MVI is loaded with tons of extra features including bonus audio tracks, live concert footage, music and karaoke videos, and behind-the-scenes action. You’ll also find complete song lyrics, a photo gallery, screen savers, wallpapers, buddy icons and more. In addition, you can register to receive more exclusive content every few weeks making the MVI a must-have for every true Paramore fan. MVI CONTENT: • The entire Riot! album on both the MVI DVD and the bonus CD • Five bonus tracks on the MVI • MP3 audio files of every song • Three Paramore \"Live From London\" videos • Two Paramore karaoke videos • \"No Home But The Road - Vans Warped Tour 2007 with Paramore\" (video) • \"Misery Business\" (video) • \"Hallelujah\" (video) • \"The Making of Riot!\" (video) • Nu-Myx® computer application â€" create remixes of \"Misery Business\" and \"crushcrushcrush\" • Ur-Tone® computer application â€" create custom Paramore ringtones • Song Lyrics • Photo Gallery • Digital Album Booklet (PDF) with complete liner notes and credits • Computer Wallpapers • Instant Messenger Icons • Paramore Screen Saver • Paramore Fanclub offer • ParaMOREMOREMORE! MVI Updates â€" register to gain access to bonus content SELECTIONS: 1. For A Pessimist, I\'m Pretty Optimistic 2. That\'s What You Get 3. Hallelujah 4. Misery Business 5. When It Rains 6. Let The Flames Begin 7. Miracle 8. crushcrushcrush 9. We Are Broken 10. Fences 11. Born For This BONUS AUDIO: 1. When It Rains (Demo) 2. Misery Business (Acoustic) - Live from Q101 Chicago 3. Pressure (Acoustic) - Live from Q101 Chicago 4. For A Pessimist, I\'m Pretty Optimistic - Live from London 5. Born For This - Live from London Paramore Photos Ah, youth: the exuberance, the energy, the blistering highs and bottomless depths. It’s an ideal breeding ground for true rock & roll belief. Hence, the youngsters of Paramore unearth geysers of loud, sugary angst on Riot!, their major label debut and follow-up to 2005’s All We Know Is Falling. Small-town musicians who have played together for years, Paramore boasts the appeal of an emo-pop blast developed out of savvy songwriting and musicianship. The sweet spot the band hits--somewhere between Avril Lavigne and All-American Rejects--comes naturally. Lead singer Hayley Williams, barely 18, has big-time vocal depth and genuine charisma besides, and while her singing can sound a little contrived, she delivers with such end-of-the-world conviction that it’s an easy flaw to forgive. Bright and catchy melodies abound, but songs like \"Misery Business\" and \"Miracle\" also feature razor-sharp cadences and ultra-clean transitions. Too clean, actually. The production is crystal clear, which accentuates the stumbles (mostly on the ballads) and robs these whippersnappers of the messy highs they surely achieve playing live. But some things can’t be entirely glossed over, and while the more aged among us will sip our Scotch and make fun of their adolescent shenanigans, we’ll also be surreptitiously listening on our iPods after we put the kids to bed. --Matthew Cooke

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