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Monday, March 7, 2011

Biografi Adelia Rasya

Adelia Rasya  Foto

Adelia Rasya is an actress who was born in Bandung, Indonesia, February 2, 1988. This girl is becoming known in the entertainment world with its involvement in feature films produced in 2008, Kawin Kontrak Lagi.

Several other films also had starring roles in films after Kawing Kontrak Lagi, like Darah Perawan BulanMadu in 2009, Nazar in 2009, also Pengantin Topeng in 2010. From some role in the movie that starred, Adelia was branded a sex bomb. However, Adelia denied because of the sensual role in the show it just because of the demands of the role. His role in Darah Perawan Bulan Madu that causes seal sex bomb dropped on this beautiful virgin. In this film, which pitted Adelia acting with Masayu Anastasia had played a character named Rosa to show off the curve of her body with bikini dress.

Adelia Rasy

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