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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Artis Thailand Cantik

Artis Thailand Cantik Many children can also mengakibatkkan Cancer In those who delivered more than 3 times, turn out according to the results of research, the incidence of cervix cancer increased by as much as 3 times as well. In addition to direct links above, "many children" have an indirect relationship. Currently it can be said that many children have positive relationships with those who lack adequate social economy. So let the funds to always check their own health, to daily life (survival) also feels completely minimal. As a result, many of those who suffer from cervical cancer among this comes in an advanced stage and can not be cured anymore.

Then for women smokers. Smoking According to the study, women who smoke (including passive Smoker) had two times greater risk than women non-smokers. Why, still in the research, but it was thought that says that the substances contained in cigarette smoke, such as nicotine and tar can affect the mucous membranes of cells (mucosa) and jugs respiratory channels of other organs in the human body including the mucosal woman's cervix. If the mucosal cells is affected, will facilitate (increase risk) cervical mucous experiencing uncontrolled growth when exposed to other stimuli.

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