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Friday, March 4, 2011

Artis Selebritis Bispak

Artis Selebritis Bispak Recognizing the signs of pregnancy!. There are two types of the signs of pregnancy as follows. (a). The signs point to pregnancy, but definitely not pregnant. 1. Urine using a dye test showed positive results. 2. Late menstruation. 3.Terasa nausea and vomiting. 4. Stomach feels enlarged. 5. Breasts seem bigger and faster. (b). The signs of pregnancy is certain. 1. Visible fruit of pregnancy by ultrasound (ultra-sonography). 2. Visible through X-ray photographs But keep in - note, this tool should not be used during pregnancy. 3. There was movement of children by the examiner. When should I use during their pregnancy. Pregnancy examination should be carried out immediately after the late coming months. The purpose of preliminary investigation as follows. (a). Ensuring really pregnant or not. (b). Knowing the state of maternal and child health. (c). Knowing the gestational age. e). Plan evaluation and plan during the pregnancy period, what should and should not be done.

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