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Friday, March 4, 2011

Artis Lawas Indonesia Seksi

Artis Lawas Indonesia Seksi Types of Pregnancy Examination. Pregnancy includes examining general circumstances, specialized obstetric examination, examination in, and additional checks. Examination of general condition. General condition inspection covers general impression about the state of nutrition (anemia, jaundice) and respiration (cyanosis, dyspnea). Is there edema, how the shape and height, whether there are changes in pigmentation, chloasma gravidarum, striae alba, lividae striae, striae nigra, hyperpigmentation, and areola mamma. General examination includes blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and weight, lung and heart petneriksaan; examination of the knee reflex. Note: spontaneous delivery, aterm, and live shows 3P perfect cooperation so that the pregnancy is expected to run well,

deliveries that require action to watch and can be classified as high risk pregnancy; age of the youngest child of more than five years, be alert to the possibility of difficult labor; number of children for more than five people to watch out for and classified as "grandemultipara" with the possible complications of labor and puerperal kala, kala physiological disorders puerperal need to be considered as possible can take the same event (postnatal bleeding, diabetes mellitus, liver, kidney, and mental or physical disability).

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