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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Artis Lawas Indonesia Manis

Artis Lawas Indonesia Manis Induction of labor augmentation. Despite a long labor is often assumed to be an adverse situation (Nkata, 1996), the prognosis may not be improved by giving oxytocic drugs. In many multiparous, underlying causes of delays in the progress of labor is still not clear and may occur because of circumstances rather than a failure to contract uterine myometrium (Sports & Gee, 1996). Random-test clinics that are available show that the strengthening of contractions with oxytocin did not fix the surgical numbers Caesarea, the rate of vaginal pelahiran with any action or prognosis of neonates, on the contrary, these actions increase the sense of pain, decrease the frequency of hyperstimulation and fetal heart with all the dangers that accompany it (Bramadat , 1994; Spencer, 1995; Sports & Gee, 1996; Fraser et al, 1998).

In a randomized-clinical trials (n = 405), giving high-dose oxytocin reduce labor time by an average of 1.7 hours (Rogers et al, 1997) and oxytocin to shorten delivery periods (Blanch et al, 1998; Sadler et al, 2000). However, the early use of oxytocin and 'active management' of labor in primipara turned out not to bring benefits in randomized controlled clinical trials, a larger (n = 2000, n = 306) (Frigoletto et al, 1995; Cammu & Eeckhout, 1996) . Action amniotomi nonselective and oxytocin did not bring benefits beyond treatment by conservative (Thornton, 1996). In a prospective randomized-clinical trials (n = 196), when a delivery has the same constellation du kala two deliveries if only performed amniotomi compared amniotomi action plus intravenous oxytocin (Moldin & Sundell, 1996).

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