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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Artis Lawas Indonesia Cantik

Artis Lawas Indonesia Cantik Obstetric examination includes inspection of the abdomen (igh fundus uteri, pigmentation of the abdominal wall, and the appearance of fetal movement), palpation according to Leopold I-IV, Kneble, Buddin, Ahfeld, Braxton Hicks contractions, and signs of free fluid; percussion to know meteorisme and signs of fluid free; to identify auscultation bowel sounds, movement of the fetus in the womb, fetal heart rate, the flow of the umbilical cord, abdominal aorta, and bleeding retroplasenter. Checking in Examination done either on pregnancy in young and old pregnancy. This examination is to determine Hegar sign, Chadwick sign, and signs of pregnancy Piskacek young as indicated by the Braxton Hicks contractions, there balotemen, and the opening of the cervix.

checking in on the pregnancy carried out on: (a). cervix, which is to determine the softening of the cervix and cervical opening. (b). membranes, ie to find out whether it has been broken or not and whether there is tension membranes. (c). the lowest part of the fetus, namely to find out whether the lowest part of the fetus, the lowest decline, whether there is dual position, whether there are obstructions on the bottom that can disrupt the course of labor. (d). palpability fornix, which is to determine if there are bearings fornix and whether the fetus can still be pushed upward.

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