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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artis Artis Mesum Asia

Artis Artis Mesum Asia Bloated stomach because Habits Wrong. Almost every day my stomach feels less comfortable, even at times such as tingling. As if the flatulence has become a part of my life, complained of a mother with a pleading tone. He claimed to have been taking various medications which is said to overcome the flatulence, but only to mitigate some time alone.

Experienced an event like this a lot also by some people. Indeed, there is likely to interfere flatulence, but mostly just a nuisance that is rarely experienced or sometimes just happen. For those who often experience it, is considered something that is trivial, so that almost does not need the help of a doctor. Bloating associated with the digestive organs, or there is disruption of the digestive tract. If we swallow food, the food will go into the esophagus to reach the stomach. At the lower end of the esophagus have a muscle called the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) and also known as "trap door." With this "trap door"is, every makananyang we eat enables entry into the stomach, the door is closed again, thus separating the esophagus with the stomach.

One time, sometimes a "trap door" is weak. If this happens, acidic stomach contents can come out into the esophagus. Patients may feel as bitter and sour taste in the mouth. In medical science known as reflux gestroesofageal. Habit Patterns: Many people who experience such interference in daily life, blaming it as "fate" or been a part of his life. Rarely realized, that this kind of interference is essentially his own fault, because of lifestyle or daily habits pattern wrong, thus affecting the occurrence of reflux and cause bloating and sharp pain. The pattern was such a wrong habit, habit of drinking beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine and smoking habits. These habits can weaken the "trap door"that lies between the esophagus and stomach. There are suggestions that do not lie down immediately after eating. These suggestions have actually contains positive values​​, which most do not prevent the interference with bloating or stabbing pain. If we lie down immediately after a meal or a bend when sitting, will put pressure on the "trap door." Without the weight to maintain the contents of the stomach, gastric acid will come out the esophagus. Lying down after eating should be about three hours after meals, especially for those who often get stomach upset.

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