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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artis Artis Hot Asia

Artis Artis Hot Asia Patterns can also be the wrong eating habits. Not infrequently, the diet can be a culprit of this interference. Eating too much and quickly usually done by some people, either because of haste and habit since childhood. Yet this good habit that will incriminate less work the stomach. As a result, the stomach is too full of food, so food will be pressing the "trap door." Moreover, the pressures that continue to make the door stretching, so that the flow of stomach acid into the esophagus. Bloating that felt only occasionally, eg once or twice a month, actually do not have to worry about. Another case bloating that occur almost every day, it should be noted and need help physicians. Underestimate gastric disorders such as this or consider it "familiar", is not a wise step.

Soon after eating should not lie down, but wait until about 2-3 hours. It is better to eat little but gradually rather than all at once in large quantities. As far as possible avoid or reduce drinking alcohol-containing beverages, caffeine and smoking. Elevating the head when you're sleeping, about 15 centimeters, for example mengganjalkan with a pillow, a habit better than sleeping without a pillow. Keep your chest to stay on top, thus reducing the possibility of stomach acid flows into the esophagus while on his back. If the accident was fat, lower weight or reduce obesity. The body is too fat to increase the pressure on the abdominal region, thus stimulating the emergence of reflux. Not impossible, by changing patterns of daily habits are wrong, flatulence problems that seemed to have become part of everyday life that can be resolved without medication. If food poisoning is usually quite distinctive. In one family, one office or who attended the meeting would have a similar complain. For example, after a party or eating together, more than one person suffering from diarrhea. Usually found, which foods are causing poisoning. Foods derived from marine and tempeh bongkrekic, often becomes a suspect cause of poisoning. Often happens, a number of people poisoned after eating food contaminated with pesticides.

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