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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Artis Artis Asia Hot3gp

Artis Artis Asia Hot3gp Askep bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchi are usually about the trachea and larynx, so often named also by laringotracheobronchitis. This inflammation can arise as abnormalities of the airway itself or as part of a systemic disease such as in morbili, pertussis, ditteri, and typhus abdominalis. The term chronic bronchitis showed abnormalities in bronchi that are chronic (long) and is caused by various factors, including factors that come from outside the bronchi and the bronchi themselves. Chronic bronchitis is a condition associated with excessive production of mucus trakheobronkhial, causing a cough that occurs for at least three months in a year for more than two years in a row.

Chronic bronchitis is not a form of chronic from acute bronchitis. However, over time, can be found in the acute period of chronic bronchitis. This shows the existence of bacterial attack on the walls of bronchi that is not normal, secondary infection by bacteria can cause more damage that will make things worse.

Etiology: There are three types of causes of acute bronchitis, ie. Infection. Staphylococcus (Staphylococcal), Streptococcus (strep), Pneumococcus (pneumonia), Haemophilus influenzae. 1. Allergy. 2. Environmental stimuli, eg, factory smoke, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, etc.. Chronic bronchitis can be a complication of pathological abnormalities in several organs, namely: (a). Chronic heart disease, caused by pathological abnormalities in the valves or miokardia. Chronic congestion in the bronchi walls weaken resistance to bacterial infection easily occur. (b). Paranasalis sinus infection and oral cavity, the area is a Cumber bacterial infection that can attack the walls of bronchi. (c). Dilatation of bronchi (bronkInektasi), causing disruption bronchi wall structure and function so that the bacterial infection easily occur. (d). Cigarettes can cause paralysis of the mucous membrane of bronchi feathers vibrate so that the drainage of mucus disturbed. Collection of mucus is a good medium for bacterial growth.

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