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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Artis Artis Asia Cantik3gp

Artis Artis Asia Cantik3gp In epidural anesthesia is part of a drugged or given the antidote is sick sensory nerves so that pain during contractions in the uterus does not reach the brain. As a result, the mother was not feeling pain. However, this anesthetic should not be exposed so that the motor nerves of the brain still can command the uterine muscles to contract in the back, surrounded by a nerve sheath of water called the dura, between the dura with a contained bone cavity through which the nerve fibers going. For a mother now - during pregnancy is a stressful moments and happy.

Well and from various parts of the body called epidura. Anesthesia is done by inserting a small needle containing tube (catheter) is very small through to the back muscles epidura mother, and with very carefully pull the needle tip until the polythene tube left in the cavity epidura. Now, doctors can give dalarn anesthesia through a tube in the cavity.

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