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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Artis Artis Asia Bispak3gp

From a study conducted in the newborn natural or per vagina with mothers who use this method, we did not find significant differences in Apgar values ​​first and fifth among the study infants with control infants. In addition, we did not find differences in the incidence of yellow and old baby in hospital care. In western countries, many mothers using epidural method. Ten percent and they declare the method is not effective and still experienced pain. Ten per cent complained of chills epidural cause seizures. However, 80% of mothers feelbenefits of of this method . Now, the epidural technique enhanced with the development of continuous epidural block technique, namely patient-controlled epidural technique (patient controlled epidural analgesia) and technique combination epidural spinal (combined spinal epiduralanalgesia).

It gains the use of epidural: Eighty percent of mothers successfully cope with pain. Not distracting. Help in controlling high-pressure Daran. Restoring the ability of mothers to control delivery so that restore confidence. Now more sophisticated epidural. Its use does not give effect to numbness in the feet and hands.And following losses on the use of epidural: Perhaps, the mother feel numb only part of the body. A small belly is not experiencing the effects of anesthesia. My mother had to stay in bed and feel very shiver. Maybe, mothers need for epidural infusion in the hands of a few women make blood pressure go down. The effect is not good for the supply of oxygen to the baby. How to prevent it, blood volume immediately added to make the blood pressure back to normal.

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