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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

white bikini fashion shopping online Customer Acceptability for Online Fashion Shopping

fashion shopping online Customer Acceptability for Online Fashion Shopping

Diplomarbeit, die am 01.06.2001 erfolgreich an einer Universität in Deutschland im Fachbereich Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften eingereicht wurde. Abstract: The retail landscape is changing. The consumer faces a much greater choice of goods and a completely different experience. An extensive range of purchase formats and locations is made available. The High Street is no longer a necessity but an option. According to IDC Research, UK e-commerce transactions in 1999 were worth approximately £2.8 million. They have the potential to grow tenfold over the next three years. A literature review highlighted the wide level of interest in the potential of the Internet as a commercial opportunity and a new medium within the retail environment. However, past research has seldom included the emergence of online shopping for clothing and the impact on traditional High Street retailers. The aim of this thesis was established on grounds of this gap in findings and the research question was identified: Is it likely that clothing shopping on the Internet will replace traditional High Street shopping? In the course of the thesis, primary and secondary research was undertaken. Documentary and multiple source data have been essential in providing me with a background to shopping, the UK Retail Market and Internet retailing. Secondary data has provided the basis of this thesis. It included the analysis of the UK retail market, the analysis of changes in consumer behaviour and an overview over online issues such as Internet usage and the uptake of online clothes shopping. Retailer opinions were examined as well as research reports. Primary research comprised in-depth interviews with 15 students, expert interviews with Internet Analysts of major investment banks and case studies of already established online retailers. Primary research could support findings of past research. The overall attitude of consumers towards online clothes shopping still proved to be negative. ...

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