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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Foto Seksi Artis Korea

Foto Seksi Artis Korea If you are a teenage girl, reduce high-fat foods from now on as well, because it can pave the way for breast cancer in the future, even if it does not make you fat or overweight. Scientists at Michigan State University (MSU) has found that dietary fat during puberty increase therisk of getting of breast cancer during adulthood. "The period of puberty is very important, because that's the time when the basic frame is made for the development of mammary glands," said the professor of physiology Sandra Haslam, director of the Center for Breast Cancer and Environmental Research MSU. He added, "What we see from the preliminary research in animals is that high-fat diet during puberty may trigger the inflammatory response which can stimulate the growth of cancer in adulthood."

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