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Friday, February 18, 2011

Artis Top Bispak Hot

Artis Top Bispak Hot Changes in the reproductive system during childbirth. Uterine involution. Involution of the uterus is the return of the uterus to a state before pregnancy, in both form and position. In addition to the uterus, vagina, uterine ligaments, and pelvic floor muscles also return to the state before pregnancy. When the ligaments of the uterus and pelvic floor muscles do not return to the state before pregnancy, the possibility of uterine prolapse terjadinva bigger. During the process of involution, the uterus thinner and remove lokia is replaced with a new endometrium.

After the birth of the baby and the placenta separates, the uterine muscles to contract so that blood circulation to the uterus to stop and is called ischemia. Librons redandant muscle and elastic tissue work. Phagocytes in the blood vessel is broken down into two phagocytosis. Proteolytic enzymes are absorbed by the muscle fibers called Autolisis. Lysozyme in the cell had a role in this process. Products carried by the blood vessels which is then filtered in the kidney.

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