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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Artis Thailand Seksi

Artis Thailand Seksi Definition and purpose of the post partum care. There is some understanding of the childbirth, among others: (a). Puerperal period begins a few hours after the birth of the placenta until 6 the following week (JHPEIGO, 2002). (b). Puerperal period not less than 10 days and not more than 8 days after the final delivery, the midwife in accordance with the monitoring needs of mothers and infants (Bennet and Brown, 1999). In Latin, the time after childbirth is called puerpenthy, namely the meaning of the word puer parous baby and give birth. Puerperium means the period after childbirth. Puerperal period (puerperium) is the period of any return, ranging from labor done until the tools back as prahamil content. Long period of childbirth, that is 6-8 weeks. Puerperal divided into three periods, namely: (1). Puerperium early, ie when the mother's recovery and bcrjalan tclah allowed to stand. (2). Puerperium intermedial, namely recovery menyelurula genital equipment. (3). Remote puerperium, the time needed to recover and perfectly healthy, especially when during pregnancy or during labor and delivery has complications. Time to sound perfect may be a few weeks, months, or years.

The concept of antenatal care. Further contributing to the tasks assigned to the midwife that must be implemented with full responsibility. With such a view Lehrman, emerging midwifery theory based on the results of research conducted. In this theory, Lehrman wants the midwives to look at all aspects of providing care to pregnant women and provide delivery assistance. Lehrman investigate the antenatal care shows the difference between the administrative procedures imposed and the benefits of antenatal and type of services received by women in the obstetrics clinic. The relationship between the identification of risk factors and effectiveness of antenatal care on the desired results have not been fulfilled.

In participatory care, midwives can engage the client in assessment, planning, danevaluasi. Patient / client ikutbertanggung responsible or take part in antenatal care. Of the eight components made by Lehrman, followed by Marthen in 1991 on patients / clients postpartum. From the results of such implementation, Marthen then added three more in the eighth component concept created by Lehrman, namely therapeutic techniques, empowerment, and relationships of others.

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