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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artis Seksi di Bali

Artis Seksi di Bali Uterine Myomas: are benign tumors originating from the uterine muscle and connective tissue that menumpangnya. These tumors are caused by prolonged production of the hormone estrogen. Myomas is most prevalent in the age 35-45 years (approximately 25%). Uterine myomas are often found in women who have married and are less fertile. Hereditary factors also play a role. Myomas Patients often experience a late menopause. Leiomioma also is a benign tumor myometrium with its own characteristics, round, hard, white to pale pink, mostly composed of smooth muscle with some connective tissue. Approximately 95% comes from the corpus uteri and 5% of the cervix. Only sometimes the king comes from the fallopian tubes or the ligamentum rotundum. Leiomioma is the most common pelvic tumor, occurring in approximately 25% of white women and 50% blacks at age 50. Leiomioma causes about 10% of gynecological problems and reach the peak incidence in the fifth decade. Although the cause is not known, each tumor (98% multiple) derived from muscle cells satay (whether the remaining embryonic cells or smooth muscle of blood vessels, is unclear). These cells grow in response to estrogen. Because it is clearly visible with the enlargement of pregnancy. Leiomioma premenarke rare and menopause or castration causes regression.

Leiomioma uteri classified according to anatomical location. Most common is the subserosa (under the peritoneum), intramural (inside lining of the uterus) or submucosal (only 5% 40% below the endometrium). If myomas split, it appears that uterine smooth muscle consists of files and connective tissue arranged like bun / whirlpool (whorl pattern). Nests are often found as many as 50-20 myomas bush in a womb. These tumors can also stemmed and can stand out even into the uterine cavity through the cervix into the vagina. Growth of myomas can weigh 5 kg. Estimated to take 3 years for myomas can reach the size of a fist, but some cases turned out to grow fast. These tumors may change due to changes in blood flow to tumors due to growth, pregnancy or diminution of the uterus in menopause. Torque or terputarnya stemmed myomas can occur jugs.

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