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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Artis Seksi Cina

Artis Seksi Cina Relationship of Mental Health Sciences Discipline-Discipline And Other: Mental health sciences first of all aimed at achieving and maintaining mental health is a combination of many disciplines. Beyond the scope of our homes, including schools, religious institutions, hospitals, and other institutions that help develop emotional reactions and stable patterns of desired behavior in individuals of all ages. Among the many fields of study or discipline which is closely related to mental health is the science of genetics, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry and neurology, psychology, psychoanalysis, psychosomatic medicine (a new branch of medical science), and clinical psychiatry. Below will be described a bit these disciplines in relation to mental health.

Genetics: Genetics is a branch of biology dealing with the study of heredity - displacement characteristics from parents to offspring (children). There are some important facts that tend to show a close relationship between the effects of hereditary and some types of mental disorders. Examples include some forms of epilepsy and other disorders of the brain. If this genetic causal relationship unknown. the science of mental health experts can also advise not making a marriage between epilepsy patients in order to reduce mental illness and other mental disorders that may occur in generations to come.

Sociology: Sociology is a science that deal with the constitution, evolution, and symptoms in human society. Sociologists and social workers to first consider the effects of community life and family organization on the physical and mental well-being of its people. They also pay attention to the causes and consequences of social influences that interfere with the efficient functioning of organized society. In revealing the real relationship between sociology and science of mental health, DB Klein says: "Now it is clear that the mental health of every citizen can not be separated from social influences that helped shape his personality, and he had to operate with or against these influences in his daily life. Dependence upon the influences are so strong and sturdy so that in the thinking of mental health science is no longer justified when he said that a healthy soul in a healthy body is a purely individual affair. "(Klein, 1955).

This motto is a translation of the Latin proverb of old, there mens in corpore Sano that serves as a warning to us of efforts in seeking mental health of the ancients. Slogan has been updated by Juvenal into a healthy soul in a healthy body and a healthy society. Even in the study of the causes of delinquency or crime - which is a tough problem in mental health sciences - environmental factors are added to show the psychological causes of the interrelationships between mental health and community where people live.

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