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Monday, February 14, 2011

Artis Jepang Seksi

Artis Jepang Seksi Smoking. According to research, women who smoke (including passive Smoker) had two times greater risk than women non-smokers. Why, still in the research, but it was thought that says that the substances contained in cigarette smoke, such as nicotine and tar can affect the mucous membranes of cells (mucosa) and jugs respiratory channels of other organs in the human body including the mucosal woman's cervix. If the mucosal cells is affected, will facilitate (increase risk) cervical mucous experiencing uncontrolled growth when exposed to other stimuli. Others are still in the researchBesides smoking, other things are still in the research is the habit of doing "douche" or wash the vagina. Ti Berha terhad careful ap-bid "wash wash" as IRD, if not supported by scientific research. In evolution, the sensitive and women really are naturally prepared to stay healthy. If you encounter problems, it is better to treat immediately and then maintain the health / hygiene genitals are naturally / natural.

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