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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Artis Jepang Mesum

Artis Jepang Mesum Cervical Cancer Risk Factors: Some of the things which studies show can increase a woman's risk of cervical cancer are: (a). Married or initiate sexual activity at a young age (less darts 18 years). Modern development is indeed able to delay the age of marriage, but the delay in marriage age does not necessarily mean delaying age of onset of sexual activity. Especially with the current era of openness. It is known that sperm was first on the cervix have a great influence to the occurrence of malignancy in the area. But luckily there is good news dart Dharmais Cancer Hospital. Now, thanks to a wide variety of information, young women have started to realize this. They already do not hesitate to take the examination (pap's smear) in Polildirtik Dharmais Cancer Hospital, although not married. This is a good thing. Not ashamed to see her so feel having these risk factors, although not married.

(B). Sexual intercourse with multiple partners. Many believe some viruses such as Herpes virus type 2 or Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the causes of cervical cancer. Risk obtain this virus (which is transmitted via sexual intercourse) certainly will increase in line with the 'rajin'nya someone multiple partners. So that should be noted, do not underestimate disease sex relationships. Indeed, with the development of today's sophisticated antibiotics, some sexually diseases can be treated promptly with thorough, but not with disease caused by a virus. In addition to long-term effects, viral diseases are very difficult to cure even the potential to cause cancer.

Is there one can guarantee your partner is so macho and sympathetic, do not have or be carriers of this virus? Moreover, if your spouse is known as a man who every now can have multiple sexual partners. Opinions resigned and women such as: Let is (husband) have sex outside, provided it does not get married ", should need to be rethought as well. The problem is not as simple and as brief as mistaken. A survey ever undertaken, obtain the result that if a woman has a spouse or sexual partner as much as 6 people or more, the risk of cervical cancer is increased to up to more than 10 times.

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