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Monday, February 14, 2011

Artis Jepang Cantik

Artis Jepang Cantik Activities have intercourse a lot. Continuous stimulation of the cervix, such as the frequency of 'relation that is high enough, it could be a dangerous thing. Inflammation or injury can occur, including those caused by trichomonas vaginalis and the presence of objects that stimulate the cervix. This could potentially cause cancer later in life. Many children.

In those who delivered more than 3 times, turn out according to the results of research, the incidence of cervix cancer increased by as much as 3 times as well. In addition to direct links above, "many children" have an indirect relationship. Currently it can be said that many children have positive relationships with those who lack adequate social economy. So let the funds to always check their own health, to daily life (survival) also feels completely minimal. As a result, many of those who suffer from cervical cancer among this comes in an advanced stage and can not be cured anymore.

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