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Friday, February 4, 2011

Artis Jakarta Seksi

Mobile epidurals: Artis Jakarta Seksi Mobile epidurals are epidural in fewer doses and given the new techniques so that although it can relieve pain, but mom can feel the sensation of his feet because the feet do not go immune. How to use exactly the usual epidural. A paired tube through a needle inserted in the lower back. Mixed anesthesia drug painkillers, such as fentanyl pethidin or inserted into the body through a small tube. How it works also resemble ordinary epidural, only mothers do not feel invulnerable in the leg. Mobile epidurals are also given during the first stage of labor when the mother is not able to withstand pain due to contraction or in early labor if the mother did not want to feel the pain of contractions. The advantage, this is a very good way to relieve pain and for use mother still can move. The disadvantage, quality of movement is still restricted. Perhaps, the mother can only move from bed to chair or walk with assistance. Another loss, this is the same epidural epidural use ordinary.

Artis Jakarta Seksi. Epidural injection for normal childbirth without pain Towards the end of the first stage of labor and delivery when the second phase, further assistance is generally to reduce pain and discomfort is the anesthesia or general anesthesia. Anesthesia was popular in Indonesia is epidural or Painless labor. This anesthetic blocks pain in the uterus, cervix, and upper vagina. Nevertheless, the pelvic floor muscles can still do the rotational motion of the baby's head for the exit through the birth canal she remained conscious and able to push when needed though drugged. Mechanism of action of epidural as follows. Backbone composed of vertebrae separated. Vertebrae protect the spinal cord that extends from the hip down to the base of the neck. Spinal cord contains millions of nerve fibers. Everything is connected to the brain and to all parts of the body by different routes. By function, nerve fibers divided into two types, namely sensory nerve fibers and motor nerve fibers. Sensory nerve fibers function to convey the message, such as pain, heat, and cold from the body to the brain. Motor nerve fibers to work the opposite, that convey messages from the brain to the tubub, including "tell" the body moves or contract.

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