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Friday, February 4, 2011

Artis Jakarta Mesum3gp

Artis Jakarta Mesum3gp Choosing a maternity and birth attendants also should not be indiscriminate. Habit of giving birth has traditionally been long abandoned. Besides not healthy for the mother, maybe even the mother can be a victim. Traditional childbirth can also be life-threatening. In the traditional labor usually is not done cutting an episiotomy at the pubic mother, so the risk of vaginal tears occur. Inhibit spontaneous vaginal tearing vaginal wound healing process so that the structure of the vagina is not restored to normal. Traditional childbirth can also damage the parts adjacent to the vaginal canal. Maybe it could happen tear the bridge between the urinary tract to the vaginal canal. Or they can be among the intestinal tract with the vaginal canal. As a result of it formed the so-called fistel. Can be fistel cunt-bladder, or vagina may also be fistel gut-estuary.

Due to the formation of fistel, urine flows from the vagina if it was not feces. Vagina smells smelling urine or feces or both tires. Wet pussy involuntarily kept by urine or feces out there alone from the vagina. As a result of childbirth complications like that, can cause interference in the conjugal relationship. In addition, make vaginal delivery without any cut more slack than if the delivery cut. By clipping means vaginal wound healed perfectly. How to sew used cutouts to restore the structure back to normal vagina. This is the reason for the husband's sexuality, why delivery is not done haphazardly.

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