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Friday, February 4, 2011

Artis Jakarta Hot

Artis Jakarta Hot How to estimate the pregnancy to twins (Gemelli) How do I estimate the pregnancy to twins (Gemelli)?. Pregnancy of twins can be estimated through the following signs: 1. Stomach larger than gestational age. 2. Palpate three major parts (buttocks / head), two sections side by side, and many small parts. 3. Hearing DJJ-fetal heart rate (punctum maximum of two places), with differences in rate of more than 10 times / minute. 4. On the x-rays, visible two fetal skeleton. Location of the fetus is divided into sites (where the longitudinal / transverse), habitus (flexion / deflection), the position of (specify the location of the head), presentation (to determine the lowest [location of the head, breech position, or location of the latitude). Location of the back of the head was found in 95% of pregnancies because according to the axis of the uterus. Fundus uteri is a large place, so according to the buttocks. Head is part of a weight that is below. The infant's head according to the door of the hip (PAP). The number of fetuses with breech position at 3.5%, 0.5% latitude location, and back left two times more than the right side backs.

Pregnancy ekstrauterin usually not until aterm, but in the second and third, this pregnancy will be disrupted. panda extra-uterine pregnancy that includes the child's information easily palpated, fetal heart rate more clearly, there is usually a disorder where the child, ligamentum rotundum no changes, palpable uterine tumors in addition to infant, oxytocin test negative (2U pitosin injected in 5% glucose IV the uterus does not contract), per vaginal examination, there was no enlargement of the uterus. Through the results of X-rays, known to the fetus in the abdomen and uterus in addition to the fetus. Mother's general condition greatly affects the prognosis of pregnancy and childbirth. Mothers who are weak or ill, would not be expected to complete the delivery.

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