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Friday, February 4, 2011

Artis Jakarta Cantik3gp

Tips on choosing a maternity Artis Jakarta Cantik3gp pregnant women can choose where bersalinnya in their own homes. Can also outside the home. Childbirth at home assisted by midwives or birth attendants. In some regions are still being helped by the TBA. In some areas TBAs are ditatar to become skilled birth attendants. Thus, assisted as safe as traditional birth assisted by midwives. For deliveries outside the home, Mom can choose a health clinic, maternity home, or hospital close to where my mother lived. At delivery with complications, deliveries performed at large hospitals. Labor outside the home could be helped by a midwife, GP or obstetrician. Pregnant women can determine their own choice. Except if the pregnancy has a disorder or having trouble. All deliveries with complications had to be helped by doctors.

Most pregnant women give birth with ease. Why? Because childbirth is a natural event. Only a small fraction of births have difficulties. Now, all that hard labor can be prevented or solved before. How, by doing regular antenatal care. Thus the danger for both mother and child can be reduced or not to happen. Problems arise if the bersalinnya not in place of regular maternal pregnancy examination. In place of delivery, there is no record of mother's pregnancy. Pregnant women are not known. What are the results of the examination during their pregnancy, are unknown. How is the development of their children? Are there any diseases or health problems experienced? Does it require a special delivery preparations? Note antenatal care is important, because pregnant women could be obstructed labor when there is a certain disorder or disease suffered.To prevent untoward incidents, pregnant women who moved her pregnancy examination should take note. With this record of birth attendants will know the state of pregnancy the mother. Is normal delivery can take place, or need special preparation, to more clearly you can see into the next.

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