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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Artis Indo Seksi

Artis Indo Seksi Introduction to Endocrine System: The endocrine system includes a system in the human body consisting of a number of glands producing substances called hormones. These glands are called "endocrine" because it has no outlet for the substance it produces. The hormone is produced in small amounts when needed and delivered to target organs through the blood vessels associated with blood. Gland whose products are distributed through special vessels (such as salivary glands) are called exocrine glands. Endocrine glands (endocrine gland) consists of (1) pituitary or pituitary gland (hypophysis or pituitary gland) located in the cavity of the head near the base of the brain, (2) the thyroid gland (thyroid gland) or thyroid gland located in front of the neck; (3) parathyroid glands (parathyroid gland) near the thyroid gland, (4) suprarenal gland (suprarenal gland) located at the poles on the left-right kidney, (5) the island of Langerhans (islets of Langerhans) in the pancreas gland tissue, (6 ) sex glands (gonads) in the male testes and ovaries in women. Placenta can also be categorized as an endocrine gland because it produces hormones.

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