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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Artis Indo Mesum3gp

Artis Indo Mesum3gp Endometriosis Problem: In the case of endometriosis, there is a small network that is expected to immigrate to the endometrium outside the uterus through the fallopian tubes. In his new place, the network is freely floating and attached (terplantasi) to another network. Networks that grow attached to it, or called endometrial implants, reacts each month to respond to the hormone estrogen as if still inside the uterus, thickening and peeling as well. Appearance of endometrial implants was similar to the original, such tissue is brown bag (chocolate cysts)-so called because it contains a brown liquid from the oxidized blood that spreads to the lining of the abdomen (peritoneum). 

However, in many cases the implant is not color at all (nonpigmented endometrisis), which can deceive at the time of disposal is through surgery, because doctors tend to only get rid of dark-colored tissue (powder burning) only.New collection of peel tissue was implanted to create a new breed, so that developed between the pelvic organs and glued together into bigger and bigger. However, if that grows in the womb can peel off and come out with menstrual fluid, or destroyed by the immune system, then the endometrial implants have no way out and continue to grow in place of the original menyangkutnya.

In addition, the endometrial tissue that float everywhere was also attached to certain organs, such as the ovaries, colon, or bladder, with the result of scar tissue to contract. l'engerutan that caused the dysfunction of organs such tertransplantasi. During menstruation, blood out, making the implant of endometrial tissue swelling (inflammation) accompanied by pain and other symptoms. Patients will complain during the menstrual cycle, which increased her punishment becomes more severe in the last days of the menstrual period. Why the excessive pain of endometriosis disclosed the results of research, that it occurs because the implant tissue reacts to estrogen stimulation, which also broke out during the period following the endometrium of the original in its original place (lining of the uterus). These conditions trigger the body's inflammatory response system to activate the compound of cytokines (cytokine) that gives the pain signal. However, sometimes there is endometriosis patients who experience severe pain, but some are not experiencing any symptoms.

if the swelling that occurs in the pelvis behind the uterus, as sometimes happens, then during intercourse (sex) will be sore when there is penetration of the vagina. In addition, because blood and small tissue is absorbed by the organs in the vicinity. That process can lead to sticking between fellow of scar tissue, or attached to the ovaries and ovarian channel. If there is blockage of the channel ovaries, infertility can occur.

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