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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Artis Ibu Kota Seksi

Artis Ibu Kota Seksi. Sense of Taste - Anatomy and Function: Sensory end organs are specialized for receiving certain types of stimulation in humans. Nerve fibers that serve an elite intermediaries who carry the impression of feeling (sensory impressions) from sensory organs to the brain, where the feeling is interpreted. Some impression of sense arise from outside, such as touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound. Others arise from within, such as hunger, thirst and pain. In all cases, sensory nerves fibers are equipped with ujungakhir-specific stimuli in order to collect the typical feelings that; in which every organ of touch. Apparently, we as if tasting the nerve endings in Iidah, listening with nerves in the ear, and so on, but really otaklah that assesses all those feelings. Explanation of the sense of touch has been described in the notes on the skin. In hekekatnya, the tongue has a very close relationship with a special sense of taste. The tongue consists mainly of two muscle groups. Iidah intrinsic muscles do all the smooth movement, while muscles of the tongue extrinsik relate to parts of the surroundings and perform movements that are very important-rough during chewing and swallowing. Tongue stirring food, pressing on the palate and teeth. and finally pushed into farinx.

The tongue lies on the floor of the mouth, while blood vessels and nerves enter and exit at its root. The tip and edges Iidah touch with the lower teeth, while the dorsum is curved on the top surface of the tongue. When the tongue rolled back, behold, beneath the surface called the frenulum linguae, a fine ligament structure that links the posterior part of the tongue on the floor of the mouth. The anterior part of the free tongue is not related. When extended, the tapered tip Iidah, and when lie quietly in the floor of the mouth, the tongue tip is round. Mucous membrane (mucous membrane) of the tongue always moist, and when a pink hat. Upper surface and covered with velvety-papil plpil, which consists of three types.continued: for more details you can open the next blog.

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