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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Artis Ibu Kota Mesum3gp

Artis Ibu Kota Mesum3gp Infection around the vagina caused the symptoms of vaginal discharge. However, vaginal discharge can also be caused by other causes rather than infection. Whitish could happen in the days before menstruation, when women are too tired, and other body conditions that are less profitable. On discharge from fungal infections can be found itching and odor complaints, while the result of bacteria to form pus. Gonorrhea disease (gonnorhoe) in women will infect the inner vagina. As the man who issued pus, women with this disease are also spending a lot of pus coming out (and seen) as white. It should be noted that this patient pus containing highly infectious germs. If pus on the eye, for example, 

GO disease that will hit the eye, causing blindness as well.External female genitals are called the vulva. The outermost vulva is formed by the labia majora labia minora with on the inside. At the end of the front there is a very sensitive clitoris, behind the estuary have urinary tract (urethra) and the vagina behind him again. Channels urethra in women is very short, approximately 2-3 cm so easily possessed by the bacteria if not good hygiene around the vulva or washed clean with less water. As a result, women often experience urinary pouch infection.

The labia minora are Bartholin gland which remove fluid in the scat of a woman sexually aroused. These glands can become infected and swell like a tumor, called bartholinitis. On top of the vulva, the transition to the abdomen there is a section that frequently contain fat, which is called the mons pubis whose skin is covered with pubic hair. Female pubic hair arranged to form a triangle with above average nisi.

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