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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Artis Ibu Kota Hot

Artis Ibu Kota Hot the process of sperm cell shape changes: This is a series of processes that cause changes in spermatids into spermatozoa. These changes include changes in shape and increase the ability of sperm cells. Changes that occur in this phase are: Formation of acrosome, the sperm at the front, that coats the core that forms the head of spermatozoa: 1.Kondensasi core, 2.Pembentukan neck, middle, and tail, 3.Pelepasan cytoplasm (the liquid surrounding the cell nucleus). A round spermatids, a step later spermatid was transformed and renamed to spermatozoa. In humans, the time required for spermatogonia to develop into spermatozoa is 64 days. Once fully formed, the sperm will be led on the channel called the epididymis. This is where they will get most of their ability to swim and move swiftly. In humans, abnormal spermatozoa are common, the number reached to 80%. Head, tail, can be abnormal. Often some form of giant sperm or vice versa, dwarf. Sometimes they merge into a single head. Abnormal spermatozoa is of course usually can not compete with millions of other normal spermatozoa so that they may not be able to fertilize an egg. However, with a tight election, it only needs 15% normal sperm to fertilize an egg.

Conversely, rare abnormal eggs. Most of the ripe egg cell that ovulation is a normal egg, it means to have a cell nucleus. Abnormal egg cells normally develop into mature but no shrinkage to stop growing.

Artis Ibu Kota Hot Sperm Characteristics of X and Y sperm: X and Y sperm can be differentiated based on differences in shape and size, variations in the size of the Y chromosome, the ability to move, as well as cells age. Y sperm (male) moves faster, its size is relatively small, but his life is shorter. In contrast, the X sperm approximately 3% more fat, more rounded shape, the shape and size so, the X sperm move slower. But they have the endurance to live longer. Y sperm can survive inside the female reproductive tract for 12 to 24 hours, whereas the X sperm can survive up to 2 days. Indeed the number of genes and chromosomes both types of sperm are the same, but in fact the size of the sperm is not only determined by the content of chromosomes (DNA), but also related to the content and structure of the cytoplasm. A study says that the length, width, perimeter, and surface area of the head, as well as the long neck and tail of the sperm X greater than Y sperm.

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