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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Artis Ibu Kota Cantik3gp

Artis Ibu Kota Cantik3gp Female Body Anatomy and Diseases of infection: The vagina is associated with the neck of the womb (cervix) has a section that extends forward and backward (fornix). In front of the uterus and vagina lie bladder (urinary bladder). Vaginal length varies from 5 cm to tens of centimeters. At the end of the outer vagina of a girl there is a hole in the middle membrane, called the hymen (Hymen). The hole was needed to remove the menstrual blood. The shape and size of holes is different on girls, married women, and women who have given birth. In her hole was small, the married woman has a hole that often form a circle, and in women who have given birth membranes was already in tatters, leaving the rest of the so-called caruncula hymenalis.

Hole due to accidents can also be distinguished by holes due to gender relations. Sometimes the membrane is so elastic and strong so that after several times of sex is not torn, sometimes also so fragile, so easily torn due to a wrong movement. In normal circumstances there is bacteria in the vagina that causes the part that has a low pH and acidic. This situation is useful to maintain and prevent infection. Therefore, the habit of too often clean the inside of the vagina is actually less profitable.

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