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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artis Hot di Bali

Artis Hot di Bali Nearly half the cases of uterine myomas found incidentally on gynecologic examination because these tumors do not interfere, often only complaint would feel heavy and a lump in the lower abdomen only. Complained of symptoms depends on where myomas are located, how many, the changes and complications that occur. Pain is not a typical symptom but can occur. Problems can arise when abnormal uterine bleeding (many and long and uncertain) the excess, giving rise to anemia, suppression of the bladder that causes frequent urination and urgency, and potential for the occurrence of bladder infection, the emphasis in the rectum causing constipation, and pain when tumor experienced a change or if there is torsion or rotation that stemmed myomas.

Complications that can become malignant (leiomiosarkoma) found only from 0.32 to 0.6% of all myomas. At that stemmed myomas can occur torque (rotation) so that it can happen that cause necrosis syndrome acute abdomen. In women with no complaints or approaching the age of menopause, or who have small tumors, no specific action is needed. Regular inspection should be conducted to monitor changes. During the reproductive period, myomectomy can be performed if the symptoms arise that lead to meaningful inferblitas due to myomas.

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