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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Artis Amerika Seksi

Artis Amerika Seksi. Below are the benefits of an epidural: - Eighty percent of mothers managed to cope with pain. - No distracting. - Assists in controlling high-pressure Daran. - Restore the ability to control the birth mother so that restore confidence. - Now, more sophisticated epidural. Its use does not give effect to numbness in the feet and hands. Following the loss the use of epidural: - Perhaps, the mother feel numb only part of the body. A small belly is not experiencing the effects of anesthesia. - My mother had to stay in bed and felt chills. - Maybe, mothers need for epidural infusion in the hands of a few women make blood pressure go down. The effect is not good for the supply of oxygen to the baby. How to prevent it, blood volume immediately added to make the blood pressure back to normal. - Probably, the bladder catheter inserted in the mother. The use of epidural cause mom can not estimate the time to bang little water so that the mother urinated automatically. - Perhaps, women feel not fully conscious.

With the installation of three tubes in his body, the mother should be told it's time to push if the effects of anesthesia have not lost at this stage of labor. - Epidural can prolong the time of delivery, especially the pushing stage and gave birth to a baby. - Baby's heart rate should be monitored at all times. - There kemunglunan use of forceps or vacuum to help deliver babies because epidurals often make a baby can not move into the right position to be issued. - At the time of the epidural needle and tube removed removed, there is the possibility of fluid leakage epidura cavity. This fluid can be rubbing against the spinal nerve fibers. In fact, the slightest friction can menyababkan a severe headache. This can be overcome by taking a little blood from the mother's hand.

Usually, a day after birth and injected into the back to close the hole due to the epidural needle: - Some women get urinary problems after using the epidural. - Epidural can not be used in labor at home. In using epidural, consider the tips below: - Try to silence does not move when an anesthesiologist put an epidural in her back. The position of the mother to lie down sideways or manekuk like the baby in the stomach. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe deeply through your nose, then slowly out through the mouth. Hold the birth companion's hand and maintain eye contact with him. - Discuss with your doctor the possibility of removing the epidural at the pushing stage. If the mother can feel the contractions at that time, the mother is more effective pushing.

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