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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mohd Safee Sali Diincar Klub Indonesia dan Vietnam

Mohd Safee Sali Safee Diincar Klub Indonesia dan Vietnam

Success brings Malaysia AFF Cup champion 2010 with collecting five goals, carrying the name of Mohd Safee Sali increasingly targeted by a number of clubs in Indonesia and Vietnam. At least there were three clubs from Indonesia to meet Malaysia national team management for the purpose of buying Safee.

"So far there are four clubs, three bids came from Indonesia and one from Vietnam," said Datuk Mohd Hamidin Amin, Secretary General of the Football Association of Selangor (FAS).

In fact, continued Hamidin which also Vice President of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), an official with Vietnam's football clubs have also been coordinated to Mohd Safee purchase plan, while representatives of Indonesia's leading three clubs also have contacted the club Selangor FC Safee place to play, about the same purpose.

However, regarding the offer, FAM had a meeting with Mohd Safee FAS office."When the discussion yesterday, he seems not to believe and can not answer the desire of four clubs who will buy it,"

"He'll be thinking once, let alone all the risks and obstacles that would face the known Safee," he explained.

However, Hamidin Mohd Safee said the decision whether to play in clubs abroad or not, will be determined by the Supreme Committee Members of FAS.

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