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Monday, January 3, 2011

Aa Gym dan Teh Ninih Cerai?

Aa Gym - Teh Ninih CeraiAa Gym - Teh Ninih Cerai

In early 2011 became a sad news for households KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or used to be called by Aa Gym. The news Aa Gym who will divorce his first wife Ninih Mutmainnah or used to be called Teh Ninih increasingly clear after his close friend, KH Miftah Faridli confirmed the news.

Miftah Faridli said that Aa Gym has dropped divorce twice and once refer to Teh Ninih. Previous Aa Gym own refuse or are reluctant to comment on this.

Miftah added that the event of divorce Aa Gym with Teh Ninih he knew after reading from majalahwanita who preach this. And then ask the truth of the news to his Teh Ninih and justified. Furthermore Miftah also said that according to the narrative Aa Gym said that divorce was the best solution.

Aa Gym Teh Ninih married in 1987. The couple were blessed with seven children, namely Ghaida Tsuraya, Mohammed Ghazi Al-Ghifari, Ghina Raudhatul Jannah, Zahira Ghaitsa Shofa, Ghefira Nur Fatima, Gaza Mohammed Al-Ghazali, and Gheriya Rahima.

In November 2006, Aa Gym married the widow of three children, Alfarini Eridani or familiarly called Teh Rini. From his second wife is, Aa Gym blessed with one son.

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