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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Krisdayanti (KD) is one of the Indonesia-born diva Batu, Malang, East Java. Beautiful woman who is also the wife of the musician was known as Anang Hermansyah hard-working artists who are good at selling stylish and talented.

He started his career as a champion of Asia Bagus, a Kris Kristofferson continues to explode in Indonesia and often live music on stage in various international stage.

At a very young age, 21 years old, with a bachelor KD ending their marriage with a musician Anang Hermansyah on August 22, 1996. This marriage was blessed with two children, Titania Aurelie Nurhermansyah and Azriel Akbar Hermansyah.

After marriage, career KD increasingly uphill, even during the year 2004, Mary held a concert 8 times in various places, and became an icon MTV ICON. In addition she was born March 24, 1975 had also become an icon for GE Finance Master Card, Mercedes Benz, Bukrim, BCA magazine, as the slogan Enjoy Jakarta Indonesia and became the ambassador of Samsung.

Natsuki Kumada Model

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Video bokep skandal mahasiswi Universitas Gunadarma

Video bokep skandal mahasiswi Universitas Gunadarma

Hot!, Video mesum skandal mahasiswi universitas gunadarma beredar,
video mesum ini beredar melalui hp di kalangan mahasiswa gunadarma.
mahasiswi tersebut bernama dewi yang sedang menyelesaikan kuliah di
universitas gunadarma.
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Video bokep anak smp dengan om om

Video bokep anak smp dengan om om

ediannn, anak smp ini ngentot sama om om, pake di rekam lagi,
si cewek nya meringis enak, karna punya om om nya gede.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video Bokep amoy lagi mandi sambil masturbasi

Video Bokep amoy lagi mandi sambil masturbasi

28 December 2009

wah keren amoy yang satu ini, aksi nya bikin konak, dia ngerekam diri nya
yang sedang mandi, trus ngajak kita yang nonton pake tangan nya plus
muka nya yang sedang konak banget, trus nih cewek masturbasi pake
sabun sampe orgasme, pokok nya TOP dah

penasaran kan loe??? hahahahahaha sedot ajah langsung

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Beginning in June, precisely June 3, 2010, Ariel porn video issues like tripping over themselves with Luna Maya is currently a girlfriend, and also Cut Tari.

After the circulation of pornographic videos like himself, Ariel had disappeared and suddenly went to Police Headquarters on Friday evening (06/11/2010) with Luna Maya to fulfill the call of the police. When it comes together Ariel famous lawyer OC Kaligis and some safari-clad bodyguards who protect sprightly Ariel the siege reporters.

On the same day, Ariel is also reported to the Press Council because it is considered to obstruct the work of reporters and camera damaging one TV cameraman Trans.

Monday (14/06/10), Ariel and Luna Maya is performing surprisingly appeared on the evening news, TV One with Karni Ilyas.

On Tuesday morning (June 22, 2010) about three o'clock in the morning went to Police Headquarters Ariel, and Ariel ditetatapkan status as a suspect.

Ariel threatened because of a conscious-coated article documenting the intimate relationship which later spread and become immoral action, with a minimum of six years in prison sentence.

Looking back, the name Ariel is known as the vocalist of Peterpan is born with the name Nazril Irham in Pangkalan Brandan, September 16, 1981 of three brothers.

Ariel's name as a vocalist jumped after successful music group Peter, along with other personnel, Naliputra Wirahardja Andika (Andika), Mohammad Hikmat Kautsar (CIU), Ilsyah Ryan Reza (Reza), Loekman Judge, and Indra.

It was said that was brought to the song Waiting for you to collaborate with Tim Christensen is his work while he was in secondary school (high school), before his friend, Andika as the founder of Peter, then invited him to join the band. Ariel, who had been a student at the University of Parahyangan in Bandung, the more successful joint success Peterpan albums.

Related personal life, Ariel never married Sarah Amalia, who still has family relationship with DJ Winky Wiryawan. Their marriage was inviting controversy and media coverage. Amalia who was then pregnant demanding responsibility of Ariel to marry him. No less effort Winky Wiryawan also spoke at the media for 'urgent' father from Anata Alleia it.

Male household ever closer to the star Luna Maya is facing crisis in mid 2007. Although not confirmed, the man who had tied the household Andhara Early divorce - ME's Ferry, is accused of having another woman of your dreams.

The news of their divorce are increasingly buzzing Santer late 2007, although Ariel always denied this. Finally in February 2008, Ariel officially filed suit for divorce-divorce for Sarah Amalia in West Jakarta Religious Court. Peak on May 27, 2008, both formally accept the decision of divorce.

Ariel widower status back closer relationship with Luna Maya, who is now a long relationship blossomed again. Yet they both dodged their closeness is defined as lovers.

How could appear, if the status is now up for grabs Ariel widower of two beautiful women, between Luna Maya and singer Aura Kasih. However, this news was not too taken by Ariel.

In addition to his music career, Ariel began to explore the world turns out the ad. Because having a bit of saturation, he began to try a whole new world for him. And being a star is currently advertising an option. Ariel became a star Sunsilk shampoo ad with Amy Lee's model.

Ariel started stifling preached was married with Luna Maya, Ariel finally in April 2009 finally began to admit that he was going out with Luna. Although he met with the mother of Luna, but Ariel has not wanted to take this relationship to pursue marriage.

After a solo career as an advertising star, this time, Ariel didapuk as the icon of the Yamaha Music. Ariel was contracted for two years. Where will Ariel had to use the guitar from Yamaha and frontman of Peterpan is mandatory in the event coaching clinic.

The singer and star of the ad, apparently still not enough for Ariel. Now he swept the world of acting, through his role on the big screen as an adult Arai THE DREAMERS (2009). In this film, Ariel uses his real name, ie Nazril Irham.

Currently Ariel is still a relationship with the artist's love of Luna Maya.


Dwi Ririn Ariyanti known as a model, actress sinetron and presenter. Youngest of two siblings, born in Jakarta, 6 November 1985.

Ririn has appeared in soap operas WITH WHAT IS LOVE, NOT ME, RING, Cinderella DREAM, and THE SUN STUPID HUMAN LOVE.

In the soap opera RING, Ririn role as Airin, who has adult attitude, gentle, and firm in the establishment.

While in the NOT ME, along Baim Wong and Bertrand Antolin, Ririn should serve as a graceful woman who each time had to shed tears.

Women with long hair are also students at the University of Paramadina this, build a relationship with a young man named Benny Mulya. But their relationship foundered after dating for four years.


Tina Astari known as a sitcom actress and the Indonesian film. Women born in Jakarta, August 19, 1978, began his career in the entertainment world when starring in soap operas BLOOD WAREHOUSE (RCTI) in 2002.

Women who are often called, is similar to this Puspita Della jump to the big screen by starring in films from Blora RUN.

The actress reportedly been close to the heir to the Cendana family, Panji Trihatmodjo, now establish the love with the guitarist Element group, Aryan.

Since the year 2008, officially in a relationship with Tina Bonus Band vocalist, you Wardhana.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mihiro Taniguchi Model

Mihiro Taniguchi is the artist as well as models in Japan that is very sensational and he is very talented in the arts so I try melihatkan drawing to you all how beautiful a Mihiro Taniguchi ll if you want to see the other pictures you can visit my blog whenever you want . thank you for your visit ok ...

Celana Dalam Cinta Laura Keliatan

Celana Dalam Cinta Laura Keliatan

27 November 2009

Wadaw, cinta laura kali ini yang kena, maaf ya cin……………………

Dari jauh nih masih samar2

Masih kurang ya???

Nih yg agak mendingan:

Foto ngintip celana dalam Cinta Laura

Foto Sexy Luna Maya

Foto Sexy Luna Maya

28 November 2009

judul : Foto Sexy Luna Maya.
siapa yang tidak tau artis luna maya, soal nya cakep sih anak nya
nah kebetulan aku dapat pic nya lagi liburan di pantai
liat ajah, met mupeng

Foto Bugil Agnes Monica waktu konser di Korea

Foto Sexy Agnes Monica

28 November 2009

agnes upskirt

keliatan Celana Dalam nya

Agnes Monica waktu konser di Korea

Masih Kurang???????????????????????????

Nih satu lagi yang lebih yahud

agnes pake baju tipis

Foto Bugil Melvy Noviza Dalam Casting Iklan Sabun

Foto Bugil Melvy Noviza Pemain Sinetron Suami Suami Takut Istri

10 December 2009

Sering kan nonton komedi suami suami takut istri?
Tau deswita kan istri nya uda faisal ???

nah ini foto syur nya:

Setelah nostalgia sama koleksi2 gwe yg jadul..
ternyata deswita dolo membintangi salah satu film porno

“Casting Iklan Sabun”

baru tau kan loe??????????????


Foto Bugil Artis Nadila Ernesta Pemeran Miracle (2007) dan Hantu Jembatan Ancol (2008)

Foto Bugil Artis Nadila Ernesta

13 December 2009

Nadila Ernesta ada foto bugil nya loh….
siapa yang tak mengenal artis nadila ernesta, Nadila pertama
dikenal lewat peran culunnya di sinetron Inikah Rasanya (2004).
Beberapa sinetron lain yang kemudian dibintangi gadis berdarah
Palembang-Batak ini adalah Manusia Bersisik, Allah Maha Besar,
Rahasia Ilahi, dan Takdir Ilahi. Nadila juga menjajal layar lebar
dengan membintangi Miracle (2007) dan Hantu Jembatan Ancol (2008).

nadila ernesta1

nadila ernesta2

Foto Bugil Lainnya:

sinetron yang di mainin nya bernuansa islami semua

tapi kok bisa ya dia kek gini?????


Sarah Azhari keliatan pentil toket nya waktu nyanyi

Foto Sexy Sarah Azhari keliatan pentil toket nya waktu nyanyi

11 December 2009

Sarah azhari lagi nyanyi, gak sadar dia keliatan toket nya….

lagi nyanyi… sya lalalalala
menghayati… syalalalallala
ups, toket gwe keliatan, waduh…………

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eh malah si mbak di samping yang pake baju pink
ikut liatin juga, mayan ngeliat toket artis

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Video bokep anton dan dewiq sedang merajut asmar

Video bokep anton dan dewiq sedang merajut asmara

judul : Video bokep anton dan dewiq sedang merajut asmara.
sepasang muda mudi membuat video bokep untuk koleksi pribadi
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Video Bokep Jepang Rin Sakuragi – Beautiful Secretary, Lewd Girl-Sensored

Video Bokep Jepang Rin Sakuragi – Beautiful Secretary, Lewd Girl-Sensored

29 December 2009

judul : Rin Sakuragi – Beautiful Secretary, Lewd Girl-Sensored
siapa yang tidak kenal rin sakuragi, artis bokep yang satu ini
satu negara sama maria ozawa. kali ini rin sakuragi
berperan sebagai sekretaris.
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di thread Berbagi / Share / Request

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Video Bokep dari pedalaman palembang

Video Bokep dari pedalaman palembang

judul : video bokep dari pedalaman palembang
palembang juga bisa buat video bokep, malah pemain nya
bukan dari perkotaan, tapi dari pedalaman atau pedesaan
lumayan canggih juga ya pedesaan bisa buat kek gini

walau sedikit gelap, tapi lumayan lah aksi nya

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video bokep Abg ml di atas motor

video bokep Abg ml di atas motor

judul : video bokep ml di atas motor
wah gak ada duit nih, tapi si ucok udah konak
jalan2 ke hutan ah, hajar di sana ajah.
itulah yang di lakukan sepasang muda mudi yang gak ada modal
buat ml, jadi nya mereka ml di atas motor di sebuah hutan yang
sepi, dan di rekam, seperti biasa alasan klasik, buat kenangan

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Video bokep ngentot anak ibu kost

Video bokep ngentot anak ibu kost

31 December 2009

judul : video bokep embat anak kost.
fiuh, cape habis pulang kuliah, begitu masuk ke kost an
wah ada yang bening di rumah kost, tanya punya tanya
ternyata ibu kost lagi gak di rumah, wah mantap nih
bermodal rayuan gombal, akhir nya dapat deh

meringis meringis nikmat, liat ajah sendiri aksi nya

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Two days designated as a prisoner Ariel Police Headquarters, outstanding photo Luna Maya's boyfriend who looked mingle with other prisoners. Ariel looks in the photo are familiar with the 10 prisoners.

In the photo Ariel wore a white shirt and black shorts. Former vocalist Peter looked smiled and embraced one another prisoner Police Headquarters.

Ariel photos were apparently taken in custody at the Police Headquarters. Ariel, who was in the middle of the detainees were relaxed by wearing flip-flops. But so far the authenticity of these photographs could not be ascertained because no official statement from the party or the Ariel Police Headquarters.

Previously, in addition to photographs with the prisoners, there are also photographs showing prisoners wearing Ariel. He appeared wearing an orange shirt and smiled happily.

There are also photo Ariel is sitting relaxed with six others on a wooden board. Beloved artist Luna Maya is still wearing a white shirt with a white towel berselendang. Image capture also taken place in a room, which seemed to be used specifically for chatting. In the photo shown of food, beverages, and cigarettes lying on the floor ashtray.