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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Foto Jenazah Mbah Surip Sebelum Disemayamkan

Tuesday morning, August 4, conditions worsened. Around 10:00, after breakfast porridge, mouth, removing the saliva mixed with yeast. Fifteen minutes later, he was also to Hospital Health Education Center, which is around two kilometers. However, the champion Surip exhale breath in the last trip to the hospital.

Results indicate otopsi, Mbah Surip died due to heart failure. Condition is suspected due to bad habits Mbah Surip have a bite thick coffee and cigarettes all the time, also due to fatigue busy activity show in the last few months.

He added, mbah Surip died in transit to the hospital. Be as before, the leader Surip well with the song 'Not pickaback' was suffering diarrhea since yesterday.When the morning before breakfast, mbah Surip remove foam from the mouth.

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