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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cari Wanita Sexy Foto Cewek

Cewek Cantik Seksi Hot

Gadis indonesia telanjang need to treat her body as we know for always looking sexy and beauty girls need treatment to keep indonesian girls look sexy and hot. beauty care for gadis indonesian girls telanjang like other usual gadis treatment. gadis telanjang like to use essential oil as natural sedatives and lavender oil to care her skin smooth and aromatic. when we hang out with gadis indonesia bugil we will feel that smell because they were used that lavender oil and other essential oil for their bauty care treatment. sure indonesian girls has always care for stress so Warm water has a soothing effect on indonesian girls body and mind.. after they have beauty care with some treatment they ready for hang out with you with fresh condition and fresh aromatic make you will never forget to this gadis cewek telanjang. people like you and me always like to hangout and having relathionship with this kind of girls. it is humanitic if man like women looking beauty and sexy and have a fantastic fragrant.. so if you go to indonesia, you must hang out with indonesian girls

Friday, July 10, 2009


foto profil dara mitha the virgin

foto,profil, mp3, and all the smelly Dara Mitha The Virgin always crowded decorate virtual media. In internet forums, for example, almost every day there is a new review article on The Virgin Band, and up-to personnel Duo, namely between Dara and Mitha had also been used as the pair Lesbian largest internet forum in Indonesia.

This is biodata and profile Mitha Dara The Virgin.Dara The Virgin was born in Tasikmalaya August 9 ,1991. previously known as Dara Mamamia. now, better known as The Virgin and Dara are increased leaf with The Virgin Band under the auspices of Republik Cinta Management by Ahmad Dhani.Mitha that many initially join the few Indie bands, starting in the known world music drawn by Indonesia since Ahmad Dhani The Rock formation in Indonesia.

Show events in the reality show broadcast by the television Indosiar stasion, has brought the name Dara when fragrant, and achieve more success by Dara joined together when the official Mitha The Virgin in the Band.

Mitha and Dara the virgin have the same hobby are swimming, singing, and running the morning.Mitha Dara also loves the movies and reading novels in India.Dara has the sexy and beautiful body.that's because Dara often do sports.she always keeps healthy with consume nutririous food..

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Foto profil Hot and syur Lena Magdalena was outspread in internet.Lena Magdalena focus self as presenter and hope to headline wide sail film. while wait the acting, we can watching the beauty moment present program Chat Mate di O Channel.

Begins from her hobby follow dance competition with her friends during school formerly, Lena Magdalena then leered by Starmild to be presenter Crash Bone tv. Afterward this woman begins to jump down to comfort world and several advertisements he has starred.

Lena Magdalena always loyal will accompany beholder at program Chat Mate di O Channel television, on water at area Jakarta and vini city. but beholder can not watch chatmate program comforted and be cured the yearning at another private television program. Lena Magdalena is presenter of infotainment program
" all this by accident and obvious i like this job, " this beautiful knotty pretty woman word. to to in front of it, Lena Magdalena focus self as presenter and hope to headline wide sail film. while wait the acting, we can watching the beauty moment present program Chat Mate di O Channel.

Presenter Magdalena (24) was selected as most sexy women in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in a world-class, he became the third woman rseksi after movie stars Transformers, Megan Fox, Kelley and Hazel, the English origin. Election is announced by the magazine For Him Magazine (FHM) Indonesia in August 2008 edition. Years ago, most women's section of the third version of a special magazine that was given to adult actress Luna Maya (25).

By doing so, Magdalena can be proud to enter into a range 100 Sexiest Woman in the World FHM magazine readers choice in the world. In fact, it ranks third. Selection is based on surveys of readers of the magazine. How, magazine FHM Indonesia send images to a number of models Headquarters FHM in the United States.


Full Name : Lena Soderberg
Nick Name :Lena magdalena
Place & day of birth : Jakarta, may,17th 1984
Education:Tarumanegara University
Height : 160 cm
Weight : 50 kg
Zodiac : Taurus